Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Little Disappointments...

My daughter is in the fourth grade this year, and now, in addition to normal spelling and grammar, they also have creative writing. These exercises take the form of journal entries in a standard composition notebook with a pre-suggested subject.  I’m thinking that since I was soooo inspired to start a blog, and then hit a wall with what to write about, I might take some of her ‘suggestions’ and use them for myself! Writing is cathartic, right?

So, her very first one reads like this : Write about a time you were disappointed. What happened? Who disappointed you? How did you overcome this?

Ok, excuse me. This child is NINE. A time she might have been disappointed might be when Santa didn’t bring her what she wanted for Christmas. “And I was very sad. But I got a lot of other cool stuff, so I guess it was ok.” Or maybe “Once, I wanted to spend the night with my friend, but my mom said no and that made me very sad and disappointed, but then we rented movies and stayed up late and we had fun, so it all turned out ok.”  I mean, really. Not that she’s spoiled or anything, but hell. I’m VERY interested in reading her response to this one.  Maybe I’m underestimating the trauma she has endured.  Pffffft!

***Just as an aside, I read one of hers from last week. Who is your favorite heroine? “My favorite heroine is my mom. She is ausm.” Yes. Yes, I AM AUSM. LOL  Hey, hooked on phonics worked for her. You should totally give it a try.

This will be a whole new well of entertainment for me. I find my children’s thought process completely fascinating. I’ll be sure and keep yall updated, too. Who knows the kind of deep, mind-blowing thoughts that might come out of a 9 year old!


Love said...

And that is one of my favorite pictures of my daughter. It makes me smile every time I see it.

I fear that soon, she'll need to have it stapled to her forehead.

Anonymous said...

I love this post :) I can wait until I can read into my kids' minds! I think the pic is great too!

Angel said...

I hope that is her worst disappointment. At 8 I woke up to hear my partents fighting for the first time. It contued for 7 years until they finally divorces. I'm SO glad your daughter is still an innocent. I hope mine stay that way a loooooong while, too.