Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Where is YOUR willie ?

Spawn is busy lately learning his body parts, top down, by pointing at each one on me and then himself. And by pointing, I of course mean poking, prodding, and pinching.

Mah eyezsh                          Mah nozsh
Mah mouf                              Mah goozle
Mah teefs                              BOOBIEZ ! 
Behyee butten                       Mah pangers (fingers)
                  Mah piggies (toes)

Hey ... Where dah doobah doh??

*Sigh* ... Yes, I am aware that I should probably be teaching him the correct terminology (penis, instead of goober). But I'm not. So there. He has plenty of time to increase his vocabulary, but for now 'goober' is the word we use. 

... What his fascination is with his wee little willie is just beyond me.
He's a nudist by nature, and the dangly bits I suppose just cry out for attention. 
And let me tell ya, he heeds the call. A lot.

I have older boys, so I know this particular tendency will only grow (*cough*cough*) as time goes by.
I just don’t recall any of them starting quite this soon.

And my boobs! What the effity-eff is so damn fascinating about my boobs??? 
He was breastfed for about two and a half seconds, so this has to be some sort of genetic predisposition that has been passed down to him through his dad’s (or my) DNA.

At this rate, I'd say he's well on his way to growing up to be just like every other guy on the planet.